Buffet Breakfast

Cares about healthy nutrition. Uses local and natural products. It is environmentally friendly.

Olive Assortments, Cheese Assortments,
Homemade Seasonal Jams, Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables and Greens
Optional egg varieties: Omelette, Scrambled Eggs with Sucuk or Pastrami

* Hot Beverages (tea and coffee) are included in our breakfast menu.

75₺ / Person



Apart from our guests staying at our hotel, please make a reservation.

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Assorted Bread Plate

Assorted Breads

All our breads are made of aged wheat, using 12-hour rested sourdough. All the wheat types we use are of organic origin and our products are made of Anatolian Karakılçık and einkorn wheat flour. Our bread plate is served with breakfast, cheese and dried meat plates.

TOAST - Served on 2 Slices of German Bread

Sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, assorted cheeses, rocket leaves and fried egg


TOAST - Served on 2 Slices of Rye Bread

Smoked meat, tomatoes, assorted cheeses and rocket leaves


Dried Meat Plate

“Kastamonu” Pastrami, Dry Sucuk and Other Dried Meats


Cheese Plate

Assorted Cheeses