Dear guests;

Narımor Hotel invites you to a vacation that you will never forget! A real old Urla stone house with excellent architectural features was discovered by the owners, Ayşe-Şinasi Dikmen two and a half years ago. A tough journey of renovation by SKF Architecture has begun with the preparation of a project that preserved authenticity of the house.

The Narımor Hotel has a total of 9 rooms with an average of 25 to 45 square meters. 7 of these rooms are suites, 2 are standard. 6 of the rooms are in the main building and 3 of the rooms are located in the court. The floors of the rooms located at the court are designed to be more Mediterranean, as terracotta, while the rooms located on the first floor of the main building are designed as stone and those in the upper floors designed as wood.

Each room is decorated in a separate concept and the atmosphere of the rooms brings you to the depths of history. Antique furniture, objects and accessories dated from the 1800’s to the 1940’s were placed for you in the most harmonious way.

Here you feel both the atmosphere of Urla, and you see the traces of history. Narımor Hotel is located in the center of Urla, a 3-minute walking distance from Malgaca Bazaar and Art Street.

While the building brings you to the past with its architecture and rooms, the refreshments we offer also taste like history.

Your health, environment and nature are very important for us.

No materials containing chemical ingredients were used in the hotel, and our bed linen and towels were produced exclusively by Ecocotton company from an organic yarn that does not contain nylon and chemicals.

Beds has been produced from latex, coco, horse hair, wool and cotton containing special bed layers produced by Wellmat company exclusively for Narımor Hotel and mattress covers are produced from eucalyptus (sensual cloth).

Soap, shampoo and shower gels were produced specially by Balıkesir Sedena company exclusively for Narımor Hotel by using natural olive oil and pomegranate seed oil without using any waste and residue material.

All the food and beverages we have offered to you at the Narımor Hotel are natural and obtained from local producers in Urla.

In brief, our hotel invites you to a unique experience that you can experience every moment, rather than a place you have just passed on.